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My World is not The World


The South is different from the Midwest. Yes, I understand how obvious that sounds, but why is Alabama part of the same nation as Michigan when Quebec isn’t? Maybe the South had it right when they tried to secede. It would have resulted in two nations with much more homogenous cultures.

Maybe these differences make us stronger somehow; I don’t know. All I know is that I have the urge to go throttle baby bunnies every time I hear somebody say, “y’all.” “Ain’t” is even worse. That word makes me want to throttle baby dragons, too. Read the rest of this entry


Church Choice


How is one supposed to choose a church? I know, I know: the primary consideration should be doctrine but then what? It seems somehow wrong to base a decision that could have such a huge impact on your future life and plans on something as trivial as the style of music they play. That’s what most people choose their church because of, but I don’t want that to be me. Read the rest of this entry

Truly Wonderful, the Mind of a Child is


As most of you know by now, this week I had the immeasurable pleasure of serving as a counselor to 6th grade boys. Without any training. Coming off a week as a camper. It’s a good thing I’m a person fairly confident in my abilities to handle small children. It’s also a good thing I serve an awesome God.

My cabin of 8 boys is probably best described as being the crazy cabin of the week. Apparently every program of every week has one, and I was the lucky recipient this week. Now, most of the boys weren’t actually insane– that’s not what I mean by crazy. Let me describe it this way: You know how a lot of times speakers ask questions like, “Are you excited to be here?” Well, whenever something like that happened my cabin was close to being as loud as the rest of the Jump Start boys put together. Heck, they were close to being that loud every second of the day barring rest time. Read the rest of this entry

Egoism Works for me


Sometimes I’m inclined to start projects I know I won’t finish or begin tasks that will have no end for me. This is probably one of those times.

Why would I start a blog while I still am working a job 60 hours a week? The honest answer is that I don’t know, but the urge hit me this day off, and who am I to deny the random impulses of my subconscious? Even if this is the last post I ever write on this blog, it’s not going to hurt anyone. It will just sit here– another forgotten piece of the internet– but someday, when I’m world-famous and rich, somebody will stumble across this site, and it will cause a huge uproar. Read the rest of this entry