And so the ego-stroking begins. Hello, I’m a student hailing from the great mid-western town of Flint, Michigan, home of the world’s highest body-count. I’m one of the  most self-confident people you’ll ever meet, but don’t worry– God’s working on it. My one all-consuming passion is bringing glory to God. Sometimes I get sidetracked, but that is the end to which I run.

This blog is my attempt to communicate the truth I know and love to the world. I know it won’t be widely read, but that’s okay. God uses the small things in life as well as the large. All things weave together towards His planned end. So I embrace obscurity, and it embraces me. Any small audience that God gives to me is a great opportunity to minister, and I wouldn’t miss it. Neither should you. So follow this blog. Subscribe. Comment on some posts and link to them. God is going to use this blog, but then what doesn’t He use?


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