Monthly Archives: September 2011

A Failed Experiment


So I had an empty afternoon to fill up and figured that I might as well learn some basic video-editing (stress on basic) and put together a vlog for all of you. It’s probably not something that I will ever want to do again. After you watch it, you’ll understand why. This one’s dedicated to Miss Hannah Williams.


Understanding 9/11


Let me start off by telling you what this post won’t be. It won’t be content-free self-congratulatory patriotism. If that’s what you’re looking for, there are millions of places you could go for it on today of all days. This won’t be a blind endorsement of the American actions that led up to 9/11 or the response, nor will a ringing condemnation. Here, I am going to try to present the truth in a simple abbreviated form– free from the strong emotional response that this topic seems to bring out in every single inhabitant of this Earth. Read the rest of this entry