Camp is for Me?


All summer I’ve had the immeasurable pleasure of watching God work through Lake Ann to change the lives and hearts of campers. In a small way I’ve even participated in those life changes. After all, campers who haven’t eaten wouldn’t have very malleable hearts. We make our food with faith, love, and heavily processed chicken.

The experience has definitely changed me, too, but the change isn’t the dramatic “this ends now” variety experienced by campers. The ways God has been changing me are more subtle. I’m coming to believe in myself less and less. And yes, despite what the world may say, that’s a good thing. I’m learning that my plans and the plans of the Lord aren’t always identical; in fact, they rarely even resemble each other. I’m learning that as many and varied as my strengths may be, they are still exceeded by my weaknesses.

I like explosions. Slow change is so boring. Sure, massive upheaval is painful when it happens, but it’s necessary so often. Creating these massive upheavals is what Lake Ann does best, and this week I’m a camper. That means that all the weight of the programs and staff is focused towards showing me what needs to change and helping me change it. I couldn’t be more excited. Well, actually I could, but I like that idiom anyways.

All of this to say, pray for me please. This is the last time I’ll be able to experience all that Lake Ann has to offer to campers. Pray that I make the most of the opportunity. Pray that I’m open to God’s leading. And pray that God uses me in the lives of those around me even this week when I’m the one who is technically supposed to be the one ministered to.


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