Today, I decided not to go to chapel. Sure, it’s required, but who’s going to know really? Besides, I need downtime; I just worked a thirteen hour day; the chapel rule is stupid, anyways; I already know the sermon; etc. Truth was, I was just being my normal narcissistic self. I wanted things my way, and any rules that got in the way of my way would be ignored via any halfway-relevant excuse.

God didn’t particularly like this attitude.

Although it seemed completely acceptable to me to skip chapel, I wasn’t going to skip my devotions. My personal quiet time with God is something I’ve come to love and anticipate, so as soon as I was done with work I headed for my tree, climbed it, and whipped out my Bible.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working my slow, methodical way through Romans. It’s been very good. It’s the kind of stuff that takes time to digest; it really requires thought for true understanding. And that deep thought it requires is the perfect compensation for the hours I spend each day doing tasks that require very little thought. (By the way, that isn’t a complaint about my job. I love my job.)

Anyways, today I was finally moving on to Romans 13. Yes. That’s what I opened my Bible to on the day when I was specifically, consciously ignoring the rules.

I wasn’t particularly happy with God.

It’s easy to say “no” to the sometimes silly, impersonal rules that have been set up over me by whoever dictates these things for Lake Ann. “Resisting God”, though is something else entirely.

So I went to a chapel– a different one than I normally am able to attend. I arrived and after worshiping God with some songs that made it worth it to come by themselves, the preacher got up on stage and said, “Alright, now everybody open their Bibles to Romans 13.”

God works everything. Everything together towards his purpose. Every authority he has put where they are for a reason. Every rule ever written has a function in God’s plan. Right now God’s plan is for me to learn submission. Slowly, it’s becoming my plan, too. Slowly.


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