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Camp is for Me?


All summer I’ve had the immeasurable pleasure of watching God work through Lake Ann to change the lives and hearts of campers. In a small way I’ve even participated in those life changes. After all, campers who haven’t eaten wouldn’t have very malleable hearts. We make our food with faith, love, and heavily processed chicken.

The experience has definitely changed me, too, but the change isn’t the dramatic “this ends now” variety experienced by campers. The ways God has been changing me are more subtle. I’m coming to believe in myself less and less. And yes, despite what the world may say, that’s a good thing. I’m learning that my plans and the plans of the Lord aren’t always identical; in fact, they rarely even resemble each other. I’m learning that as many and varied as my strengths may be, they are still exceeded by my weaknesses. Read the rest of this entry


Submission #2


What is submission, really? It’s something different than obedience. It’s more complex than just that. Sure, lack of resistance is involved in submission– that’s made extremely obvious in Scripture– but even the Old Testament Jews were called to obedience. Isn’t Christianity supposed to go beyond the Law?

A quick google search gives the definition of submission as:

1. The action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person. Read the rest of this entry



Today, I decided not to go to chapel. Sure, it’s required, but who’s going to know really? Besides, I need downtime; I just worked a thirteen hour day; the chapel rule is stupid, anyways; I already know the sermon; etc. Truth was, I was just being my normal narcissistic self. I wanted things my way, and any rules that got in the way of my way would be ignored via any halfway-relevant excuse.

God didn’t particularly like this attitude. Read the rest of this entry

Egoism Works for me


Sometimes I’m inclined to start projects I know I won’t finish or begin tasks that will have no end for me. This is probably one of those times.

Why would I start a blog while I still am working a job 60 hours a week? The honest answer is that I don’t know, but the urge hit me this day off, and who am I to deny the random impulses of my subconscious? Even if this is the last post I ever write on this blog, it’s not going to hurt anyone. It will just sit here– another forgotten piece of the internet– but someday, when I’m world-famous and rich, somebody will stumble across this site, and it will cause a huge uproar. Read the rest of this entry